Industrial Vegetation

chipper.png Vegetation management can be a delicate operation, and one that shouldn’t be left to amateurs. Our exterminators are licensed and highly experienced in applying pre-emergent and post-emergent herbicides around sensitive areas, and are licensed for Industrial Vegetation and Certified Applicators for Public Works. With every project we examine the area to identify the species, select the proper chemicals, complete the project, and retain accurate records of the project.

In addition to chemical application, we can also provide manual, cultural, or biological tending if chemicals are not an appropriate response. Because of Haveman Brothers’ extensive background in forestry, we have the equipment and trained personnel for manual tending, brushing, chipping, and removal of debris.

Haveman Brothers has an IPM-Certified Applicator for Public Works on staff responsible for ensuring pesticides are used in accordance with IPM principles and in compliance with Ontario Regulation 63/09.

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