Forest Chemical Release

forestchemicalrelease.jpg When it comes to forest chemical release, Haveman Brothers never misses the forest for the trees. Haveman Brothers is an IPM-accredited company in good standing with the OIPMA, OMVA, and all of our teams are trained and certified by the IPMAP (IPM Council of Canada). For each chemical application we keep accurate load records and weather records, and our work is always in compliance with Ontario Regulation 63/09. We have pollution insurance of up to $1 million and we use first-class equipment to ensure accuracy and consistency.

Air Blast Spray (ABS)

For projects that do not have aerial chemical release written into the Forest Management Plan or where public perception may be a concern, our air blast spray can provide the lowest cost option for managing vegetation issues. Our experienced technicians will precisely apply only the amount of chemical required so that even when the area is close to buffer zones the safety of the application is ensured. We use a state-of-the-art GIS mapping system to ensure that we cover the region properly and that no areas are missed.

Backpack Release

Where ABS application is not possible or where buffer zones are extremely sensitive, our backpack chemical release can be used. Our teams mix all of the chemicals for the backpack release method on-site, and we have a proven, spill-free track record.

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